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Looking for internet, and already have a router? We've got you covered! Our bring your own device internet program let's you get started with equipment you're already familiar with!


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Your package will include your sim card, and first month of service! Check with an agent before purchasing to make sure your device is eligible; popular eligible device brands include MOFI, Netgear, and Teltonika.

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OTR Mobile Red BYOD Sim
OTR CDMA BYOD SIM Sale price$125.00
OTR GSM BYOD SIM Sale price$125.00

Bring your own device, anywhere!

Experience unparalleled connectivity with OTR Mobile's portable and flexible internet solutions. Designed for travelers, adventurers, or just someone looking for better home WIFI; our bring your own device or BYOD internet package ensures you stay connected wherever life takes you!

With our robust and reliable BYOD internet service package, you can enjoy unlimited, high-speed internet access in all 50 states. Whether you're gaming, working, streaming, or video chatting, our service provides seamless connectivity for all your entertainment and professional needs with the hassle of purchasing new equipment!

At OTR Mobile, we understand the importance of staying connected in today's day and age. That's why we offer flexible plans and exceptional customer support to ensure your internet experience is always hassle free. Join the OTR Internet family today and enjoy reliable connectivity without worry!

With highspeed internet, enjoy limitless streaming, gaming, remote work, and entertainment without the buffer or lag!

Sign up for pay-as-you-go internet service without a credit check and avoid the worry of additional fees!

We provide reliable nationwide coverage in all 50 states without roaming fees or additional charges. Our expansive network ensures consistent connectivity wherever you are in the country, at no extra cost.

Order your sim with confidence and take advantage of our 7-day risk-free trial. Experience our service worry-free and discover its advantages in the comfort of your own device!

With our BYOD internet program setup is essentially plug-and-play! Insert the sim, power on, and connect your devices! In just minutes, you'll be streaming and online, enjoying seamless internet connectivity!

Reduced latency mixed with minimal packet loss make for an unforgettable gaming experience

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Not sure if your device is eligible for our BYOD internet program?

No worries! Discover the ultimate convenience with our easy to setup and use routers, specifically designed for those in need of reliable and unlimited internet in rural areas, or on the go! The Stream router (pictured left) is our top of the line router offering the single most versatility when it comes to internet! The package is crafted to ensure you have everything needed to get started right away. It includes a user-friendly plug-and-play router, activation, and first month of unlimited high speed internet, and ethernet cable!

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