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The Internet or has it is more commonly referred to "the web", is an ever expanding global network of computer programs designed to carry out many functions of communication between networks and devices. Originally designed for the purpose of file sharing between academic institutes and military agencies, it has evolved into so much more! Nowadays it is used from everything from online gaming, working from a virtual office, or streaming the last Hollywood blockbuster to the likes of sharing a video with a loved one across the globe!

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At OTR, we have made it our sole mission to bring the absolute best Internet to those who need it most! Roughly 20 percent of America lacks true highspeed internet, and that number sees another increase when looking at people with a less stationary lifestyle! This became apparently clear to us at our conception, in the back of a phone repair store in as what some would call the heart of rural America. Customers would come in with all kinds of unique and interesting hobbies and careers that lacked an internet service provider that really catered to them! Enter OTR Mobile, we came onto the internet scene back in 2017, and won't quit until we have connected all the unconnected!

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OTR Mobile envisions a world where the internet transcends boundaries, empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in an increasingly mobile society! We aspire to be the leading provider of innovative internet solutions, setting the standard for reliability, flexibility, and customer service in the industry! By leveraging both cutting edge technology and fostering a culture of continuous innovation, we aim to redefine the possibilities of internet service, enriching lives and transforming the way people stay connected anywhere and everywhere!

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