A New Generation Of Wi-Fi To Improve Your Home Network

A New Generation Of Wi-Fi To Improve Your Home Network

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic ignited a worldwide shift towards online platforms. Students attending online classes or people working from home, one thing remained common — the increased need for a good and high-speed Wi-Fi connection. However, with multiple devices running from a single source, the home Wi-Fi often slows down, a headache for many of us, but a new generation of Wi-Fi technology called Wi-Fi 6 might be the answer for reducing congestion and lifting home Wi-Fi speeds far beyond the next level!

Do You Really Need The Next Generation Of Wi-Fi For Your Home?

Most of us rarely stop and think about how many devices we keep connected Wi-Fi at home. (phones, smartwatches, TV’s, doorbells, vacuums…) Many of the devices we use every day must have an internet connection to function. Every one of these devices has a minimum bandwidth requirement to function effectively.  For each connected device, the bandwidth available is reduced. That’s where Wi-Fi 6 technology comes in.

Think of your Wi-Fi router at home like a two-lane road and every connected device as a car traveling on that road If you only have two cars on that road, neither will have a problem driving at high speeds. As more and more cars turn onto the road, each one starts traveling a little slower.

Now imagine all of those cars (devices) on an interstate highway with 5 lanes in each direction. Introduce more lanes, traffic is distributed evenly, and every car can travel at the pace they choose.

Similarly, Wi-Fi 6 adds more routes or lanes for devices. A typical situation with regular Wi-Fi would be one device, like a Smart TV Streaming live video. The TV is consuming huge amounts of data and taking up much more bandwidth (or more lanes on the road) so the network slows down for all the other devices. Wi-Fi 6 adds more lanes that all run at a consistent speed.

What Next?

Although Wi-Fi 6 was introduced in 2018, it did not gain much attention until it became more affordable, with devices coming in a for as little as $70. Moreover, devices with newer technology also have a compatible chip, allowing them to explore Wi-Fi 6 more efficiently than the devices that don’t have them.

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