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Essential RV Tips For New Owners

Essential RV Tips For New Owners

If you love the wonder of traveling and experiencing things larger than life, becoming an RVer is the right decision for you. RVing gives you a refreshing take on life as you cruise through forests, cities, and mountainsides. If the thrill and joy of owning an RV is something new to you, learning more about the ins and outs of this particular way of life may be a bit overwhelming. The RVing lifestyle isn’t easy, but it becomes an enjoyable and worthwhile experience when done right. Starting out with a few good tips will help you get on your feet as a new RVer. Happy travels!

Don’t Stray Far Away From Home Just Yet

There will eventually come a time when you can really call your RV your home on wheels. For some, the whole point of getting an RV is to travel far and wide. But for first-timers, taking shorter trips that don’t include being hundreds or thousands of miles away from familiar soil is the better option. As good as it sounds to hit the road as soon as you get your RV primed and ready, it’s also essential to test the waters before taking any giant leaps. Take this time to understand how your RV works, learn its components, and note things you want to change or should be aware of, like any issues that may arise. Plan a routine that works for you and pack your RV in the most convenient way. You can better prepare yourself and your RV for much more demanding trips this way.

Know Your Numbers

Knowing your RV’s measurements is undoubtedly something you should commit to memory. It’ll save you the head-scratching hassle of having to measure repeatedly when you encounter issues or situations that require you to pull out the numbers. For example, knowing your RV’s height helps you decide whether a bridge is too low for your RV to pass through. Something like the distance between your tires can help you discern if things are a-okay or if there’s a problem you need to fix. You should also know how much your RV’s fresh, gray, and black tanks can hold. You wouldn’t want to overfill it and cause a mess alongside the other issues you could face! At the end of the day, knowing your RV’s numbers can help keep you safe and your RV away from any damage. 

Don’t Be A Stranger To RV Parks

Owning an RV entails lots of traveling. You’ll have to do routine stops to replenish goods, items, and amenities. RV parks and other similar campgrounds are thus an essential thing for every RV owner and traveler out there. You can look up possible RV parks to stop at before your next trip to plan accordingly. Knowing which RV parks you can visit and how close they are to your route is always good. Note the facilities and services they offer and how much they would cost so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Manage Your Finances

This tip is crucial for almost everything involving your money. Not correctly managing funds might run you dry and push you into debt—which is something we should all avoid. RVing may be costly for some, with payments for installments, insurance, fuel, maintenance, and RV park fees. Understanding when and what needs to be paid can help you plan your budget and be smart with your money. RVing isn’t just a small hobby. It’s a commitment that requires effort and wise financing. You can look for ways to save up on fees like comparing campground prices or waiting for specific promos and discounts. You also have to learn to expect unexpected price changes. Fuel costs, for example, can be unpredictable sometimes and may deplete your funds more than you’ve anticipated. Make sure to be prepared for any price hikes and always have a little extra ready for when you run into an emergency. 

Always Be Open To Learning New Things

With how quickly things seem to change, it’s no surprise that something you’ve become accustomed to may also vary. That goes for RV tips as well. Being open to learning and trying out new things for your RV may help you find more convenient methods to change or add to your routine. Sometimes, you might even pick up a piece of advice that may not seem relevant to you but may come in handy sometime in the future. Making an effort to list essential tips and tricks you learned or discovered along the way will surely pay off when you need it the most. Write it down or save it in a folder on your computer, so it’s easy to find and look through when you feel you need guidance. Exchanging tips and RV life hacks can be a great conversation topic among your fellow RVers too! 

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