• The 6 Things You Should Do After Getting a Laptop

    The 6 Things You Should Do After Getting a Laptop

    If you've just bought a new laptop, then congratulations! You're the proud owner of an incredibly versatile tool that can go from the couch to the boardroom in seconds. It's not just for typing up reports or writing emails—
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  • 5 Telling Signs Your Computer Has A Virus

    5 Telling Signs Your Computer Has A Virus

    Have you ever wondered why your computer is making a strange noise and acting slow? Or it's not acting up, but you're sure something is wrong. Don't wait until your computer becomes permanently damaged; it's time to get rid of that virus! But before we can do that, we need to know exactly what's going on inside your machine. So here are five common signs your computer has a virus:

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  • Google OTR Mobile

    Google Chrome Productivity Tricks for Better Browsing

    Google Chrome is known for being one of the world's leading internet browsers. If you're looking for ways to improve your browsing experience in Chrome, we've got some ideas. Whether it’s deleting multiple tabs at once or quickly accessing specific pages and tabs in a browser window, there are plenty of productivity tricks that will make your life easier if you use Chrome daily.

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  • OTR Mobile Blog

    7 Common Debunked Tech Myths You Should Know

    It's no secret that the tech world is full of myths and misconceptions. From common myths about technology to more obscure ones, there are plenty of things out there that people believe to be true but aren't actually true. So, here's a list of debunked tech myths:

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  • Boost Your Productivity At Home With These WFH Tips!

    Boost Your Productivity At Home With These WFH Tips!

    Working from home has a boatload of perks. With no more busy mornings and rush hours to deal with, one of your most significant worries might just be making sure your coworkers don’t see your pajama pants during a conference call! Whether you love or hate it, it’s no secret that most people nowadays opt to (or are made to) work from home. But getting into a productive mood can sometimes be challenging when you’re in an environment that isn’t necessarily meant for working. Though it can be hard to get and stay motivated, it’s not impossible! A little dedication and discipline can go a long way. Soon enough, you’ll be able to master productivity at home like a champ.
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