New Changes to T-Mobile Internet, And What You Need to Know!

T-Mobile imposes new restrictions on home internet plan

T-Mobile has launched their new "Away" plan. It's a Wi-Fi plan for frequent travelers to stay connected nationwide across T-Mobile's network.

The plan in question is built on the same platform as their home internet plan, however is designed to be a direct competitor of Starlink and “in-motion/on the go” WISPS. It became apparent in the three years since the launch of their home plan, that many consumers were taking advantage of said plan as it would still function while traveling enabling them to turn their home plan into an effective albeit disruptive hotspot . With the launch of the Away plan, T-Mobile has implemented features for geofencing on their Home plan, these restrictions will make it harder for consumers to attempt to travel with anything other than their set Away plan. The Change is set to take effect on May 8th, also starting May 8, their customers can choose between unlimited data for $160 a month with AutoPay or 200 gigabytes of data for $110 a month with AutoPay for the Away plan.

For those seeking alternatives to T-Mobile amidst the unveiling of the new "Away" plan should take a look at the following competitors. 

OTR Mobile (Unlimited, Nationwide Coverage, $99 a month)

  • Boasting a truly unlimited data package for both home and on the go client’s, OTR is a solid choice for those seeking other options. The OTR Stream is a 5G capable modem with speeds of up to 200mbps achievable, as well as enabling the user to connect sixty four devices. In terms of pricing OTR provides all the above benefits nationwide, on top of excellent customer service, for only $99 a month. Truly, showcasing "The OTR Difference".

Starlink “Roam” (Unlimited, Nationwide Coverage, $150 a month)

  • Engineered by SpaceX, Starlink continues to remain a good choice for those living a more nomadic lifestyle. The Roam Program designed for RVers and Truckers is a standard plan capable of speeds up to 50mbps with standard deprioritization for $150 a month. Due to their unique satellite based systems they boast one of the highest coverage rates of any provider, but are also limited by factors like weather and in motion restrictions. All in all still a great choice for those looking for other options!

Verizon “premium mobile hotspot” (*Unlimited, Nationwide Coverage, $110 a month)

  • Verizon’s Premium mobile hotspot is another potential choice for clients who are constantly on the go. The plan is unlimited (although speeds are reduced to 3 mbps after 150 GB of usage), nationwide coverage on Verizon’s network (including ultra-wideband), and no in-motion restrictions.

AT&T “Data Connect - 100GB”  (Metered, Nationwide Coverage, $90 a month)

  • The Data Connect 100GB package from AT&T is one last option someone should consider. Although it is not unlimited it does indeed provide the full possible speed of the AT&T 5G network for only $90 a month (with autopay). This option should be considered by users not needing large sums of data! 

Keep in mind the changes are not set to be implemented fully until May 8th, so users have plenty of time to decide on how they would like to move forward!

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