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Regional Plan: Oklahoma State

OTR Mobile's Regional Oklahoma State Plan is a custom tailored home internet plan, for our client's who call the great state of Oklahoma, home! Personalizing your experience to be the best from your internet connection to our customer service is the OTR difference! We're excited to bring this difference to Oklahoma starting at $34!

Reliable Home Internet for Oklahoma

At OTR Mobile, we're dedicated to improving the lives of all our customers , which is why we have decided to start tailoring our internet service for each state! Our focus is on providing a stable high-speed internet connection tailored specifically to the unique needs of each state, ensuring reliable internet for gaming, work, video chat, and entertainment, wherever you live!

Which is why we are excited to introduce our internet to the Sooner state!
We take great pride in being a trusted provider for the Oklahoma community. Our devices and plans are designed to offer the best online experience by being easy to setup and designed specifically to provide internet for Iowa citizens, whether you're in Oklahoma City or out in the dust bowl!

Join the OTR family for a network that values your need for internet and truly understands what it takes to provide it wherever you reside! As a member you're guaranteed a service that keeps you connected with unlimited internet, and a US based support team always ready to help you!

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