How To Choose The Best Portable WiFi If You Are A Digital Nomad

How To Choose The Best Portable WiFi If You Are A Digital Nomad

Traveling from place to place is a dream for some. Many people want the ability to embark on a journey that has no defined location or ending spot, and everyone wants to be able to see the beauty of the world and nature that surrounds it. It’s truly a miracle for those who can succeed in such activities. But, life is much more complex than simply going from one place to another. We live in modern times, where the internet has become a must-have rather than a want. Staying connected is key to succeeding. The internet is a required utility. We use the internet to stay connected with family and friends, to maintain a bank account or life insurance, or to earn money via a remote job. And as a digital nomad, it’s crucial to have access to a stable internet connection to earn money, money is what allows them to continue living their nomadic dreams. The difficult part is finding an internet source that can provide stable and consistent portable internet services that allow them to do just that.

Internet Service Providers Are Not Equal

Not all internet service providers (ISP) are made equal. Each ISP is very different, especially when it comes to the services they provide and the way they confront each customer. When choosing a portable WiFi service, it’s crucial to consider the different features provided by the ISP. One feature to consider is the ISP’s ability to guarantee customer satisfaction by offering trial periods, which allow customers to return services with money back. After all, being a nomad is filled with uncertainties, and it’s unlikely that all services will work in different locations. Besides this, there are other features to analyze. Finding a suitable WiFi service can be difficult because all services are different. And for those who travel often, it’s more complex than just choosing a stagnant internet provider. Everyone deserves an available service that doesn’t disconnect on a whim. And for RVers who aren’t promised a stable connection, they deserve access to a reliable service that remains connected, no matter where they may end up. Portable internet services can provide that comfort, the freedom to travel while still having the ability to connect to the internet. The best on-the-road WiFi is… well…WiFi on the go. Van lovers who want to have a reliable internet source should choose a portable service. Portable internet devices will allow travelers to bring the service wherever they travel. Portable internet service is often small in size, allowing it to travel and function in the most desolate of locations, even when accessed on foot. The portability of the device makes it compact enough to carry on a van without it taking up more room than needed. This is important, as vans have limited space and need the extra room to hold necessities.


Most ISPs offer a contract, which is a one to two-year binding with the customer. This will make breaking away from the ISP difficult and nearly impossible without facing repercussions. By breaking a contract, a customer could suffer from endless hidden fees. Customers may be forced to continue paying for the internet service until the end of the contract while paying fees for initially breaking the contract. When picking a provider, consider finding a service that offers contractless services. As a digital nomad, there is never any certainty on your final destination. There is also never any guarantee that the service will work as intended because of the endless travel. Digital nomads need to be able to change services whenever they see fit.

Bill Pay

Digital nomads are nomadic for a reason, and because of this, they have no definite address where bills can be shipped. When choosing an ISP, picking a provider that offers online payments is the best way to go. This will allow digital nomads to pay for their internet service via their computer or phone without having to pay in person or through a check, which can have its own range of difficulties.

Internet Quality Will Make A Difference

Depending on the remote job or the needs of the digital nomad, the quality of the service will make a significant difference in how the internet is perceived. Portable internet quality, such as mobile hotspots, is often low. Not much can be done with a hotspot, not without additional charges and unnecessary limits placed on the hotspot. When choosing a mobile internet service, consider certain features that will directly affect the quality of the internet. The quality of the internet will then indirectly affect the satisfaction of the customer.


Internet speeds vary depending on the internet service provided, and internet speeds will directly influence what can be done with the connection. With slower internet speed, you will get less done, and if fewer devices can be connected at once, you will have a lower quality connection. The Internet is measured through megabytes per second (Mbps). It can be as slow as 25 Mbps or less and up to 1000 Mbps or 1 gigabyte per second (Gbps). Most times, ISPs don’t advance further than 1000 Mbps, because, at that point, the quality of the connection is as high as it can be. As a digital nomad, the speed of the internet is dependent on your needs. If you plan to do higher-quality streaming or online video gaming with multiple devices connected and used at once, you should go higher than anticipated. However, it’s unlikely that there will be any need to go further than 400 Mbps because, after that, it’s considered more than reasonable.


The security of the internet connection is crucial when working remotely as a digital nomad. Important information and data are stored in devices, and without a passcode secured connection, anyone can access this information at any time. When choosing an internet service, the best services will provide a strong sense of security that ensures any personal data and information is safely secured in your device.

Data Limit

Another feature that directly affects the quality of the internet is the limit on how much data can be used within that month. The more demanding the activity, the more data will be used. When deciding the limit on data usage per month, consider purchasing more than required in the situation that more data needs to be used in that month. Consider around the 100Gb range at least, just in case you use up your data faster than anticipated.

Portability Is Important

Traveling from place to place holds one certainty, and it’s that there is never a final destination. Digital nomads move from location to location, and often, don’t stay still for longer than a few weeks. This is why the portability of the internet service is crucial. Having a portable internet service will ensure that nomads can connect to the internet whenever and wherever they want, without fail. This can be difficult to achieve as most internet sources require connection to an outlet or coax cable and can’t be moved from place to place with ease. Consider whether or not the device can be charged and how long the charge will last. Consider whether or not you’re able to carry the device in a small purse or bag. It’s always best to consider how portable is portable enough.

OTR Mobile Brings The Adventure To Your Wifi

As a digital nomad, having access to portable WiFi is what allows you to continue living the nomadic lifestyle. Without it, it would be difficult to earn money to support consistent traveling. You deserve to have the ability to constantly maintain a stable and reliable portable internet connection without hidden fees or additional charges. Our Freedom Plan covers all of that and more, by making sure you have access to a rechargeable internet source that travels where you travel. OTR Mobile’s services were made for that specific reason, to bring adventure to your wifi service. By choosing our internet services, we can guarantee portable wireless connections that satisfy your nomadic desires. With high speeds and no needed contract, you can do your job wherever, whenever you want. Visit OTR Mobile and stop making internet compromises, instead bring the wireless adventure with you.

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